Top 5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Smile

June is National Smile month and Queen City Care would like to spread some smiles! Being a senior citizen comes with its fair share of benefits (and we’re not just talking about Medicare). A wealth of knowledge comes with a certain age and we would like to celebrate that! So for National Smile Month, we’ve got 5 reasons why you should smile all year long:

  1. Grandkids: You may be lucky enough to have grown children with children of their own. Grandparents have the benefit of having all the fun with the kids and then heading home before the witching hour!
  2. Live it Up: Do something unexpected.  For example, you get to participate in hilarious shenanigans like this senior citizen flash mob!
  3. Discounts, Benefits, Freebies and More: From discounts at the mall, lowered college tuition (it’s never too late to learn!), free advice from lawyers (available through AARP), travel and restaurant deals; it’s not so bad to be a senior citizen.
  4. Mentoring: Whatever path you’ve chosen, it’s a guarantee you can pass along great knowledge to someone who can benefit from it.
  5. Retirement: Whether you were a stay at home mom or a corporate executive, retirement is something we all look forward to. Your golden years are a time to pursue your passions and spend your days doing what you truly love.

What’s your favorite part about being a senior citizen? Let us know in the comments below.