Senior Home Care: Steps to Take on Your Dad’s First Day of Services

Your dad’s about to have his first day of senior home care services. He’s understandably nervous, and you want to lessen his anxiety. What steps should you take to help him be as prepared for his first day with a new caregiver as he can be?

Walk Through What He Should Expect

Senior Home Care Madeira OH - Senior Home Care: Steps to Take on Your Dad’s First Day of Services

Senior Home Care Madeira OH – Senior Home Care: Steps to Take on Your Dad’s First Day of Services

Go through the things your dad should expect to happen. If his caregiver is there to help him with housekeeping, do a step-by-step walkthrough of the things the aide will do in his home, whether it’s vacuuming or laundry.

Make sure you note any preferences he lists. If he wants his jeans ironed, make sure the caregiver knows this. The more his new helper knows, the easier it will be for him to adjust.

Listen to His Concerns

What is worrying your dad the most? He might be ashamed that his house is so messy. If that’s causing him stress, help him clean and organize the home as best you can before the senior home care provider arrives.

If he’s worried about the caregiver knowing what he likes to eat, create a meal plan with him. The caregiver will go over this with him and learn more about his likes and dislikes on the first day.

Take the Day Off or Work From His House

Schedule a day off or arrange to work at his house. If you’re there, he’s less likely to feel alone. He knows you’re nearby if he’s overly anxious and needs moral support.

When you’re there, stay out of the aide’s way. Let the caregiver help out as is needed. If the caregiver comes to you needing something, help out at that point.

Greet the Caregiver Together

When the caregiver arrives, introduce your dad. Read his mood and wait until he seems to be getting comfortable with his new aide. At that point, head to another room to work or give them space to adjust to their new arrangement.

Emphasize That Senior Home Care Is to Help Him Stay Independent

Remember that home care is all about your dad having the help he needs to stay independent. The senior home care aide isn’t there to boss him around or make him feel useless.

He may need to let his caregiver help him more than he’d like to admit, but the ultimate goal is independence. He doesn’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed that he needs help.

Involve Him in the Hiring Process

Your dad is the one spending time with the senior home care aide. He should have as much say in the hiring process as is possible. Let him interview caregivers, ask questions when you call our expert in senior home care, and decide on the services he needs.

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