September 11, 2018 -  From

We have had other agencies before QCEC. The training that was provided you could definitely see the difference in this agency hands on...

- 100 Peaceofmind

September 04, 2018 -  From

For over 3 years Queen City Elder Care has been providing excellent, very professional and dependable care for my 88 year old mother. Sallie F., the Director of Client Services, is an amazingly compassionate person...

- Linda Little

Tom Avril August 31, 2018 -  From

The home health care aides were always kind, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile for my father, who had advanced dementia and was wheelchair-bound...

Kim Bu August 31, 2018 -  From

We had a different home health care company for three weeks prior to Queen City Elder Care, and they did not even some close to meeting the standards that Queen City Elder Care has...

Debbie Haffey August 31, 2018 - From

The caregivers are very compassionate, attentive, and proactive. In addition to providing the basic help described above, they search for activities that can enhance cognition...

Gene46 June 11, 2018 -  From

They are very professional very prompt and always engaging my Uncle. If anyone is looking for help please do yourself a favor and call queen City Elder Care today!!

queen city elder care May 14, 2018 -  From

We were very fortunate to have been recommended to use Queen City Elder Care. All of us siblings are far away and we have peace of mind knowing our parents are watched over closely by caring individuals.

thawley April 15, 2018 -  From

The staff is always on time my mom loves the caregivers that assist her during the day. I can't say enough good things about them and I'm always referring them two others.

ptolmie April 13, 2018 -  From

They took her out to do things which took a lot off mymind. I Ididn’t want her to spend her last few months in a room with a TV.

KSB6117January 08, 2018 -  From

Queen City Elder Care is amazing. I'm so very grateful that we had their help...

twthrush January 08, 2018 -  From

My family was very fortunate to have been referred to Queen City Elder Care. I really don't think my mother would have made it through her chemo treatments both physically and mentally without Sallie and her team by her side.

Anne T. May 10, 2017 -  From

I recommend Queen City Elder care very highly, I don't think you can get any better than this group !!!

QCEC-HappyClient May 11, 2017 -  From

They plan special outings to lunch and the zoo to celebrate her birthday. They plan special meals for her on holidays.

*Appreciative* September 14, 2017 -  From

They have improved the quality of life for our parents Queen City Elder Care has enabled our parents to stay in their home with their dog.

DBE September 15, 2017 - From

I went through disappointing experiences with three other outfits before finding Michele, Mark and their capable directors.


Cherished September 02, 2016 – From

Though it is never easy to see you parent decline, it is always wonderful to know that there are those who will come alongside to bear that burden with you.

angel collector August 03, 2016 – From

We had Queen City Elder for a short time helping to take care of my Mom, before she passed away. We were so impressed with the care they gave that we have brought them in to take care of my Dad...

Jeanette9859 August 03, 2016 – From

This agency goes beyond the call of duty when helping their clients and the family. I highly recommend them.

VeryPleasedCustomer July 23, 2016 – From

I have used Queen City Elder Care for over a year now to care for my mother and have been extremely impressed

davril January 15, 2016 – From

Queen City provides exceptional care for our father. The caregivers are gentle and kind, and show genuine concern for our father.

Dtully April 30, 2015 – From

Queen City gives my father wonderful care! their system for monitoring health and daily activities is excellent...

va111961 April 29, 2015 – From

Queen City works very hard to find the right person to fit the needs of the client. includes a supervisor who helps introduce and transition the new caregivers into the client's home...

OlaandBob April 29, 2015 – From

Everything was very specific and straight-forward. We have had no problems.

stevenk April 28, 2015 – From

Queen City Elder Care has gone above and beyond the call of duty to service my parents with the utmost respect and care. I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of excellent care for the elderly!

Ms. Kim September 13, 2014 – From

Michelle and Mark always take time to talk to me about my concerns and questions any day, any time. They are a wealth of knowledge, resources and comfort...

Diane M. May 14, 2014 – From

Queen City Elder Care came highly recommended to me by one of their current clients. Their professionalism was so impressive...

BBL October 16, 2013 – From

The service provided was excellent and helped my mother immensely. We couldn't be happier with the care they gave her...

Cared for in OH May 31, 2013 – From

The care we received from Queen City Elder Care was excellent. I would recommend this care to everyone I know...

Ellen5 May 12, 2013 – From

The supervisor herself did an exceptional job of training her staff and she herself came several times a week to touch base with Mother, my sister and I, and Mother's caregivers...

Ltomes April 18, 2013 – From

I have been very happy with the service that we have been provided with.

Janet Berger March 28, 2013 – From

One of my family's greatest gifts as my mother was reaching the end of her life was the amazing and loving care she received from the care givers of Queen City Elder Care...

MPMahoney February 26, 2013 – From

Without the dedication and attention to detail provided by Queen City Elder Care, dad would still be in a nursing facility. Excellent company!

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