Is In-Home Care Necessary After Your Dad’s Stroke?

Your dad is one of the almost 800,000 Americans that have a stroke each year. Like many strokes it was ischemic. He’s on blood thinners now and he’s in a rehabilitation community regaining some of his former abilities. His medical team recommends that you arrange in-home care services. Is in-home care assistance really necessary after a stroke?

Your Dad’s Mental and Physical Abilities Change?

In-Home Care Mason OH - Is In-Home Care Necessary After Your Dad's Stroke?

In-Home Care Mason OH – Is In-Home Care Necessary After Your Dad’s Stroke?

Depending on the severity of your dad’s stroke, the damage to his brain can be extensive. Following a stroke, many patients can no longer use one side of their body. Speech is affected and cognitive skills don’t always bounce back.

Your dad will likely require a wheelchair or walker. He might not be able to talk to you at all, and he’ll rely on hand gestures to communicate. He might not be able to use his hand to write, so he can’t just write you a note.

Depression is likely after a stroke. Your dad may not be enjoyable to be around. He may refuse to cooperate with you when you encourage him to do his physical therapy or speech exercises. He might not want you feeding him or asking him to take medications.

Your dad may not be able to use the toilet without help. The last thing he wants is to rely on you to clean him after. He doesn’t like the idea of having you help him wash in the shower. He doesn’t want you to see him weak and dependent, so he lashes out.

His Attitude Can Be Tough to Handle

As much as you want to help him, his anger hurts you. When he rebuffs your help, it bothers you. You don’t want him to see you cry, but you’re struggling to keep your emotions hidden.

Beyond the emotional challenge that stroke care poses, there’s also a physical challenge. Your dad is much heavier than you are. You’re not strong enough to lift him. The strain on your joints and muscles is making it difficult when it comes to transferring him from his bed or in and out of a shower.

Arrange In-Home Care Assistance to Help

While it may seem best to care for your dad after his stroke, it’s also very hard for close family. You’re seeing your dad at his weakest moments. He may focus so much on how uncomfortable he is having you help with personal care needs that he refuses to cooperate.

In-home care services are a great partner to your dad’s care plan. Instead of taking care of your dad’s every need, you can pick and choose where you help him and where his paid caregiver helps out. You might want to be the one cooking his meals and preparing beverages and snacks, while the caregiver helps him with dressing, toileting, and bathing.

How do you arrange for in-home care services? Call our agency and ask to talk to a specialist about personal care and companion care services.


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