When she’s dealing with stress, your elderly family member needs a toolkit of techniques she can turn to that can help her to relax.


Home Health Care in Loveland OH: Senior Relaxation Techniques

Home Health Care in Loveland OH: Senior Relaxation Techniques

Try some of these techniques to find the ones that work best.


-Mild to Moderate Exercise

Talk to your aging adult’s doctor about whether exercise is safe for her. Once you have the word to go ahead, try going for walks with your elderly family member or engaging in other mild forms of exercise. It can help to clear the mind and make way for your senior to process her feelings.

-Engaging with Hobbies

Hobbies are anything that your elderly family member enjoys doing. These types of activities are often repetitive in some way, such as knitting or putting model vehicle kits together. This can be soothing and inspire a great deal of enjoyment for your elderly family member.

-Socializing with Others

Don’t overlook socializing as a form of stress relief. If your elderly family member hasn’t been able to spend time with friends or relatives that she enjoys being around, it might be time to figure out how to set up a visit.


Whether your elderly family member enjoys reading nonfiction to learn new things or fiction, the act of reading allows her brain to go elsewhere for a while. This can be very effective in managing stress because it removes her brain’s focus from what is causing it stress.


When your elderly family member meditates, it’s all about focusing on clearing her brain, for just a few minutes. It’s a misnomer that you’re only doing meditation right if you’re perfect at it. The process of attempting to meditate is just as effective.

-Writing in a Journal

Journaling is an incredibly effective way of getting to the root cause of some feelings. Some journalers take a long, winding path to the core issue while other people are able to cut right to the heart of the matter in a few words. The act of writing about what she’s feeling can be soothing for your senior.

-Being Around Water

Some people really process their emotions well when they’re around water. That might mean that your elderly family member takes baths more often or that she takes up water aerobics. If she’s lucky enough to live near a river or another body of water, she might enjoy periodically visiting the water.

Make sure that you’re taking care of the basics for your elderly family member. Hire home care providers to help you and let her discover what helps her to relax and let go of stressful feelings.


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