Obesity among seniors is growing, and some estimates are that more than 15 million seniors are considered obese. Seniors who are already dealing with health challenges can find that those challenges are made worse by carrying a lot of extra weight. It’s very strongly recommended that seniors who are overweight or obese lose weight. But losing weight can be harder for seniors who may find it challenging to exercise. Having home care aides can help to follow some of these suggestions.

These expert tips, along with the help of home care, can help your senior loved one shed extra pounds so that they can maintain a healthy weight.

Get Enough Protein

Home Care Mason OH - Weight Loss Tips for Seniors With Help from Home Care

Home Care Mason OH – Weight Loss Tips for Seniors With Help from Home Care

Protein is essential for good health. Many seniors don’t get enough protein in their daily diets. Protein helps to maintain muscle mass, which is something that seniors have a high risk of losing. Most of the time protein is found in meat and dairy products, which seniors often don’t buy because they can’t cook it or can’t afford it. A home care provider can help your senior loved one get enough protein by making meals for them that contain meat or eggs. A home care provider can also encourage your senior loved one to drink protein shakes that are high in protein. And they can help your loved ones shop to make sure that there are protein rich foods and protein shakes in the house.

Eat Smaller Meals

Portion control is one of the best ways to lose weight. Seniors may be overestimating how much food they need as they get older and less active. They also may be eating more than they should out of loneliness, depression, anxiety, or boredom. Having a home care provider help cook meals with your senior loved one will help them learn what an appropriate portion size is for them and not snack when they shouldn’t.

Take Up Strength Training

Strength training is a fantastic way for seniors to get fit. The more muscle your senior loved one has the more calories they will burn. As seniors get older they tend to lose muscle mass through natural aging and because they are less active than they used to be. Moderate strength training exercise will help seniors maintain or increase their muscle mass which will help them lose weight. Strength training can be done with very light weights and still be effective. Your senior parent doesn’t need to become a bodybuilder in order to get the benefits of strength training. Although if they want to become a bodybuilder that’s a great goal for them to work towards.

Get Enough Sleep

Many people don’t think about the impact that sleep has on weight. But studies are showing that not getting enough sleep can lead to hormonal imbalances that can cause weight gain. Not getting enough sleep can also cause seniors to crave carbohydrates and starchy or sugary foods as a way to get quick energy. A home care provider can help your senior get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep at night by making sure they are going to bed at a reasonable hour. They can also give your senior parent the peace of mind of knowing that they are not alone at night. Sometimes just knowing that can help seniors sleep more soundly through the night.

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