Indoor Games to Prevent Rainy Day Boredom

As fall arrives, the weather gets cooler and can become very rainy. On rainy days, your parents may feel trapped inside and want something to do. Home care assistance services can provide companionship for your loved one to pass the time as well as seeing after their daily needs.

Here some games that your loved one could play with you or their home care assistance aides:

Home Care Assistance Villa Hills KY - Indoor Games to Prevent Rainy Day Boredom

Home Care Assistance Villa Hills KY – Indoor Games to Prevent Rainy Day Boredom

Apples to Apples

In this card game, players are dealt several word or phrase cards. A fill-in-the-blank card is played in the middle, and players look through their hands to find a suitable card to fill in that blank. The judge decides whose answer is the best.


How well do you know your history? That’s the point of Chronology. You and other players must fit different events into the timeline and ensure you don’t mess up. This game is more challenging than it seems, as events include things like when the bikini came out.

Guess in 10: States of America

This game requires some creative thinking. One team chooses a state card. The other team gets to ask 10 questions to try to figure out what state it is. If a team draws California, players might ask questions like “Is this state in the West” to try to narrow it down. The first team to name seven states correctly wins.


This classic from the 1970’s is making a comeback. Work your way through a month, paying bills, buying items, and selling them to make a profit. Between your income from the things you sell and surprise cash rewards, you want to have enough money to cover expenses and be able to buy more items to sell.


In Scattergories, you roll an alphabet dice. Players must come up with a word for each category on their card that starts with that letter. For example, if the letter for the round is “Z” and one of the categories is “Vegetables,” zucchini is a suitable response.


In this game, one person writes down a random word that they know is in a song. People take turns singing or reciting five words from a song that contains that word.

Do you have other responsibilities that make it difficult to spend as much time with your parents as they’d like? Home care assistance is one way to make sure they have chances to socialize. Hire caregivers to play games, cook their meals, and help keep the house clean.

Home care assistance is an excellent way for your parents to remain social while aging at home. It also ensures they stay active and independent. Call our agency to discuss prices and schedule services.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring Home Care Assistance Services in Villa Hills KY, please contact the caring staff at Queen City Elder Care today. Serving Cincinnati and Surrounding Communities. Call Us Today (513) 510-4410.

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