With wacky weather and sub-zero temperatures across the country, Queen City Elder Care in Cincinnati, Ohio wanted to provide some senior safety winter tips. Even if your aging loved one does not normally live in a snow driven climate, they can still be prepared for when Mother Nature throws a curveball.

Elder Care Indian Hill OH - Senior Winter Safety Tips

Elder Care Indian Hill OH – Senior Winter Safety Tips

Many experts suggest not letting your home temperature to dip below 65 degrees and to spend limited time outdoors when there are freezing temperatures outside. Besides the exposure to the cold temps, falling on slippery ice is a real concern for senior citizens who are most at risk for falls inside and outside of the home.

1. Dress Accordingly: Besides layering your clothes, wearing gloves, a scarf, and a heavy coat, you should always wear socks and cover your head with a warm hat to avoid heat from escaping your body.

2. Monitor Temps: While you should monitor the temperature inside your home, you should also monitor your own temperature. If your bodily temperature should fall below 95 degrees, we suggest calling a medical professional immediately.

3. Avoid Slipping: If you do need to venture out, be sure you have good traction! On your tires and your shoes. We also suggest replacing your cane tip if needed.

4. Prepare for Power Loss: If you have a medical alert device, be sure to find out what the back-up battery time is in case of power loss. We also suggest stocking up on essentials such as batteries, flashlights, candles, non-perishable food, and water. Fill your bathtub with water to use for boiling and flushing toilets. Consider buying a generator.

5. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Unfortunately, people die every year to the “silent killer” which is carbon monoxide poisoning. Indoor heaters, ovens, dryers, fireplaces, and generators are all sources of carbon monoxide leaks. Be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector with working batteries in your home and to never run your car or your generator in an enclosed space.

If you or your loved one needs extra caregiving help in the Winter months, give Queen City Elder Care servicing the greater Cincinnati area a call!

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