Public Transportation Safety for Older Adults

Many older adults find themselves needing to give up driving.

They may have vision problems that make it impossible and unsafe for them to drive. Or, they may have mobility issues that make driving difficult or uncomfortable. Whatever the case, when a senior gives up driving, they find themselves looking for alternative ways to get around, such as public transportation. Public transportation is an excellent option since it is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. However, it’s important that older adults know how to safely use these transportation options. Below are some safety tips.


Caregiver in Wyoming OH: Public Transportation

Caregiver in Wyoming OH: Public Transportation


Be Aware of Uneven or Slippery Surfaces

When boarding or exiting a bus, seniors should look before they step. Pavement may be uneven or could be slippery during the winter months. They should hold the railing as they get on or off, making sure that both feet are on a secure surface before letting go.


Plan Ahead

Older adults should know the routes they need to take and be aware of arrival and departure times. They should also count out the exact fare needed and put it in a place that is easy to get to. This keeps them from having to dig for money while others wait in line, which might cause them to be jostled. It also prevents them from losing their balance while they look for money as they use the steps. Bus or train passes should also be kept in easily accessible pockets.


Arrange Call Backs

When a senior takes public transportation, they should let someone know when they are leaving and when they plan to be back. It’s also a good idea for someone else to know the routes they plan to take. Have the senior call someone when they reach their destination and again when they return home, so that family caregivers know they are safe.


Remain Alert

Although public transportation is generally safe, it’s a good idea for seniors to remain alert when using it. They should be aware of the people sitting near them and keep an eye on their purse or wallet. If someone is acting in a suspicious manner, they should move away from them. When taking a bus, it can be safer to sit up front near the driver.

If your aging family member has recently given up driving, an elderly care provider can help them to get around safely. An elderly care provider can use public transportation with the senior to keep them safe and help them become more familiar with using it. Elderly care providers can also drive older adults to stores, religious services, or other places.

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