Aging: Differences Between Men and Women


We may have been created equal, but when it comes to aging, there are significant differences between men and women. Queen City Care will break down the dynamics of aging between both sexes.

First off, women outlive men by an average of five years! There have been a number of theories and studies to explain why. One theory is that over the years, men tend to have more dangerous jobs and hobbies such as motorsports and the armed forces. This theory seems out of date when compared to recent research with evidence that suggests the female immune system retains its strength later into life. points out that some types of white blood cells declined more slowly in women than in men which leads to the immune system boost.

According to, a woman’s estrogen level is a major concern when it comes to aging, especially during and after menopause. For men, testosterone levels are the dominate hormonal components of aging. Prior to menopause, however, women’s estrogen levels protect them from heart disease which is more prevalent in men. also writes about brain aging which is different for men and women. Men who are overweight, diagnosed with diabetes or have had a stroke are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment while women are more likely if they were dependent on others for daily tasks and lacked a strong social network.

Whether you are a man or woman, one thing is for sure. Stay up-to-date with your health screenings and tests as you age!