Things to Expect After Hiring 24-Hour Home Care Services

Your mom and dad need someone with them at all hours. A few hours during the day isn’t enough anymore. Have you thought about having people with them at all hours? Learn more about the benefits of 24-hour home care services and how it works. You live with your parents and need to sleep through the night. Professional caregivers are a great solution. Or, they live alone, and you’d feel better knowing they have 24-hour home care aides with them at all hours.

24-Hour Home Care Aides Are Always There

24-Hour Home Care Amberley OH - Things to Expect After Hiring 24-Hour Home Care Services

24-Hour Home Care Amberley OH – Things to Expect After Hiring 24-Hour Home Care Services

Around-the-clock home care has caregivers working in shifts to cover all hours of the day and night. The caregivers are not in a room sleeping. They’re awake and ready to help with whatever your mom and dad need.

As your parents sleep, the caregivers can take care of routine tasks like dusting, washing dishes, doing the laundry, or preparing meals for the next day. When your parents wake up, the caregivers have plenty of free time for companion care.

If three caregivers are assigned to offer 24-hour home care, they’ll work eight-hour shifts. When one caregiver’s eight-hour shift is over, the next caregiver arrives on time to take over.

Sometimes, four caregivers are assigned, and each works six hours before the next caregiver takes over. Continual coverage ensures your parents are never alone.

The most significant benefit to 24-hour home care service is that your parents are never alone. You have peace of mind that someone is there if an emergency occurs. Your parents have less anxiety knowing someone is available to help out.

They Help With Everything on Your Parents’ Care Plans

When you arrange around-the-clock care, the caregivers help with everything. If your parents wake in the middle of the night and want a snack, the home care aide can prepare it and clean up after your mom or dad goes back to bed.

Do your parents wake early and feel refreshed? Instead of being alone for hours until others are awake, caregivers are there for companionship, even if it’s 3 a.m.

Chronic health conditions may leave your parents feeling nauseous or dizzy throughout the day and night. Walking to the bathroom is dangerous if they’re not supported. Caregivers help them with ambulation as they take a trip to the bathroom and get back into bed.

Arrange 24-hour home care services to aid your parents with all of the care they need. They shouldn’t have to struggle at night if they’re prone to insomnia, mobility issues, or anxiety. If they have chronic health conditions like cancer or dementia, around-the-clock care is essential.

Maybe, medications must be taken every few hours. A home care aide can be there to wake them up and make sure they’ve taken their pills. Call our 24-hour home care specialist to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring 24-Hour Home Care  Services in Amberley OH, please contact the caring staff at Queen City Elder Care today. Serving Cincinnati and Surrounding Communities. Call Us Today (513) 510-4410.

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