Aging brings with it many changes for the body, and one that is noticeable even in middle adulthood is dry skin, particularly during the harsh conditions of winter. The skin ages more quickly than many other areas of the body, and can begin to show signs of dryness and vulnerability as young as age 40. This is due to less effective oil glands and the inability of the body to maintain moisture and hold it in for as long. This can be exacerbated by certain medications and exposure to chemicals in bathing products, cleaning products, and more.

Homecare Madeira OH - How Could Winter Skin Be Dangerous for Your Elderly Parent

Homecare Madeira OH – How Could Winter Skin Be Dangerous for Your Elderly Parent

As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize the dry skin is not just an inconvenience or a source of discomfort for your aging parent. The challenges associated with dry, overly irritated elderly skin can actually pose dangers for them. This makes it extremely important for you to pay close attention to your skin and be able to take steps to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Changes in their skin care routine including how they bathe and their moisturizers can make a huge difference in the health of their skin as they age.

Elderly skin is already more vulnerable than the skin of younger people, but can become particularly vulnerable and thin during the winter season. Cold winter air has less moisture, and the drying and irritating effect of heat inside buildings can lead to dryness, irritation, and itchiness.

Your senior may then rub or scratch their skin and cause open areas, or inadvertently injure their skin in day-to-day activities. This can then open them to infection that can be very dangerous for their entire body. Seniors also have less effective immune systems than younger people, which means once they contract infection, it is much more difficult for them to fight it off. This can then make them more vulnerable to illness and infection such as colds, flu, and pneumonia.

Effective skin care is a vital step in protecting your elderly loved one’s health. The customized care of a homecare provider can ensure your elderly loved one is able to properly care for their skin, including bathing, application of moisturizers, and monitoring skin conditions to ensure they do not lead to problems that may need further care.

A homecare services provider can be there for you to ensure your senior always gets the care that they need to thrive and live their best life. Homecare is completely customizable, ensuring your senior you will get what they need, when they need it, to live the highest quality of life as they age in place.


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