Caregivers are there to help older adults meet their goals of aging at home. What you may not realize is that you’ll love having caregivers available for them. Here are the four reasons they love caregiver services and the four reasons you do.

Caregiver Villa Hills KY - Four Reasons Your Parents Love Having a Caregiver and Four Reasons You Do

Caregiver Villa Hills KY – Four Reasons Your Parents Love Having a Caregiver and Four Reasons You Do

Why do your parents love having caregivers around?

#1 – They Gain Friendship – After retirement, your parents stopped socializing with caregivers. Their social circle also shrank because their friends moved away for one reason or another. Caregivers become the friends they’re missing.

#2 – Someone Else Does the Hard Work – With caregivers doing the laundry, making the beds, and vacuuming stairs, your parents don’t have to struggle with the harder household chores.

#3 – Transportation Is Available – When your parents can no longer safely drive a car, they may feel trapped at home. With caregivers, they have someone available when they want to go to the store, go for a drive, or do something fun at a museum, senior center, or city park.

#4 – They Have Help With Organization – Staying organized gets harder, especially if the memory declines. Caregivers can remind them to take medications. They can schedule appointments and help your parents get ready on time.

Your parents have their own reasons for enjoying having caregivers around. Why will you?

#1 – Respite Care – From time to time, you need a day off. You might have a doctor’s appointment to go to or want to go on vacation with your spouse. Either way, caregivers offer respite care which makes it possible to take time off without leaving your parents alone.

#2 – Your Parents Are Happier – With companionship services, your parents get to socialize with someone else. They’ll be happier with a new circle of friends.

#3 – You Can Focus on Work – In the middle of a workday, a call from your parent is a distraction that you don’t need. When they have caregivers available during work hours, you get to focus on your job and leave on time.

#4 – You Don’t Have to Worry – While you’re with your children, significant other, or running errands, it’s easy to start worrying about how your parents are. With caregivers staying with them, your days of worrying about your parents being alone also end.

Make arrangements to have caregivers spend time with your parents every day, a few times a week, once a week, or every other week. You pick the schedule that best fits your family’s needs. Call to learn more.

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