Senior scams can happen any time of year. But there are some particular scams that happen more frequently in the summer months. We here at Queen City Elder Care want to spread awareness of these senior scams so you or your loved ones can avoid them!

IRS Scam: You might receive a call from the “IRS” that you owe back taxes and have until the end of the day to wire money or face jail time. Be assured that the IRS will never actually call you and under no circumstances should you ever wire money to a stranger. Simply hanging up is the best way to deal with this one.
Vacation Scams: Have you ever received mail that claims you’ve won a free trip? Well as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There is usually a catch, so make sure to read the fine print or better yet, toss the junk mail away.
Grandparent Scam: Getting a phone call from your grandchild is always a joy…unless it’s someone pretending to be them. These days, a popular scam is callers claiming to be your grandchild and that they are in some sort of trouble; usually asking to wire transfer money. Again, always be wary of anyone asking for money and make sure to ask validation questions if you are skeptical.
Medical Alert Scam: If you get a robocall that says you’ve won a free medical alert device, hang up right away. The FTC has shut down a large operation revolving around this type of scam but another can still pop up at any time.
Car Accident Scam: Scammers will create a minor “accident” with the senior and then call the police. When the police officer arrives, the person blames the accident on the senior. The person will then try to sue the senior because they are betting at some point the senior’s physician has told them that they shouldn’t be driving any longer. Families need to pay attention to their elderly parent’s driving habits and they should inspect their parent’s car for any dents that could indicate they are having issues.

Educating yourself or your elderly loved ones are the best ways to avoid scams that target seniors. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners
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