Senior Home Care Roles for Family Members to Help in Dad’s Care

Your dad’s care needs are increasing. Family caregivers need to step up and help out, but it’s hard to know what roles everyone will fill. How do you provide care to your dad without stepping on each other’s toes? Having senior home care providers step in when more help is needed can be part of the solution too.

Ask for Input

Senior Home Care Mason OH - Senior Home Care Roles for Family Members to Help in Dad's Care

Senior Home Care Mason OH – Senior Home Care Roles for Family Members to Help in Dad’s Care

Hold a family meeting in person or through a group chat. Find out who can help out and what schedule works best for them. Your brother may only be accessible once a month, while your sister is free every weekend.

At the same time, you’ll find out who is comfortable helping with the different tasks. If your sister is okay helping your dad with grooming, but your brother is uncomfortable with the idea, your sister is the better choice for personal care and grooming.

That’s your siblings offering input, but you need to ask your dad. What are his wishes? If he’s not comfortable having your brother in his home, it isn’t the right time to resolve conflict. Your dad’s comfort level has to be the main focus, or conflict may build and lead to angry outbursts that make everyone uncomfortable.

Build a Shareable Schedule

Using an online cloud service with to-do lists or calendars, fill out the daily, weekly, and monthly list of things your dad needs help with. Daily tasks will be the longest. They’ll include medication reminders, meals and snacks, and personal care.

Weekly chores are the things your dad does once a week. It may cover grocery shopping, vacuuming, laundry, and stripping the bed. Monthly tasks will include tasks like appointments, bill paying, and scheduling prescription refills.

Share those lists with the others who offer to help your dad. You’ll work together to develop a list of who is free for the different days your dad needs help. This may not cover the whole week. If there are a few days left, those are where you look into senior care services.

Turn to Senior Home Care Providers to Find the Right Balance

Senior home care services are helpful when there is a lack of family caregivers available. Don’t take on too much. If you’re still working full- or part-time, you have to find the right balance between work, your children and spouse, and your social life.

While you’re working or spending quality time with your family, your dad is getting quality care from his personal care at home aide. Call our senior home care agency to learn more about available services and their prices.

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