Avoid Worrying About What Happens ‘If’ … Focus on Safety Improvements for Mom


Senior Care in Wyoming OH: Avoid Worrying About What Happens ‘If’ … Focus on Safety Improvements for Mom

Your mother is getting older. You might have seen her have difficulty with certain things. Whether she’s in her 70s, 80s, or 90s, safety is a major concern. Safety for any senior at home should be a top priority for them and their family members. The last thing you want to do, though, is think about ‘what if’ scenarios.

What if they can’t get up in the morning?

This is a common concern many family members have when their parents or other loved ones are getting older. What if they live alone? What if they’re feeling stiff, weak, and not very confident in their abilities to support themselves when they get out of bed? What if they try anyway?

Could they slip? Could they fall? If they do fall, what’s the likelihood they will be injured? Well, as people get older their body begins to change. Their physical capabilities will diminish, but their muscles will weaken and their bones will also become frailer. That means the risk of serious injuries increase each passing year.

Now is the time to focus on home improvements.

If you ever think about those ‘what if’ scenarios with regard to your aging mother, now is the time to be proactive. Improving safety for any senior at home requires proactivity. You need to think about certain home improvements that can be beneficial for her. One of those could be grab bars.

Installing grab bars.

When your mother steps into and out of the shower, she is exposing herself to risk. Most of us have slipped at one time or another in the shower. As younger, healthier, stronger adults, we didn’t run a serious risk of falling down, but that’s not the same for your mother.

Grab bars can be a great way to help her support herself stepping into and out of the shower. They should be anchored to the wall studs, meaning they can hold up the weight of a full grown, healthy adult.

Consider the shower seat as well.

This can be a simple home improvement that can allow your mother to sit down while showering. As she gets older her legs are going to weaken and that increases the risk of falling and being injured.

Talk about stair lifts.

If your mother has stairs, whether they lead to the basement or a second floor landing, a stair lift can be a great safety improvement. She won’t have to use it, but on days when she doesn’t feel as strong or has to carry something up and down the stairs, it can literally be a lifesaver.

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