Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s In-Home Care Providers

While your parents need help, they are hesitant to ask for it. Admitting there are things you can no longer do on your own is tough. You may need to help them communicate their wishes when it’s time to hire in-home care aides.

In-Home Care Mason OH - Tips for Communicating with Your Parent's In-Home Care Providers

In-Home Care Mason OH – Tips for Communicating with Your Parent’s In-Home Care Providers

It’s up to you, but that can also be challenging. You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but you also want to make sure that your parents and their in-home care aides understand each other. Here are tips to help effectively communicate your parents’ wishes.

Write Out Anything of Importance to Discuss with In-Home Care Aides

If there are specific instructions that a caregiver cannot overlook, make sure it’s written out. Have laminated lists of doctors that your parents work with. Their care needs and medications should go onto a list. Finally, create a list of requests and instructions that your parents want everyone to follow.

Look for a Distraction-Free Time

Distractions will make it hard to really talk to each other. If it’s noisy or busy at that moment, wait until all distractions are gone before talking to the caregiver. You want to make sure your mom and dad’s in-home care aides can hear you so that none of your messages get lost to background noise and other distractions.

Be Clear

Make sure you clearly lay out what your parents want. If your mom worries that a caregiver won’t recognize her need for space, make sure you’re clear about your mom’s signs when she’s feeling overwhelmed or crowded.

Your dad has a room in the house that’s his space and he doesn’t want the caregiver going into it. Make sure you make that rule clear. While the room may need cleaning, the caregiver needs to respect your dad’s desire to have that space all to himself.

Be Polite

The caregiver may make mistakes when it comes to following your parents’ wishes. If it happens, don’t get upset. Politely explain it happened and admit that everyone has off days. End the conversation there unless the caregiver has suggestions to prevent the situation from occurring again.

Don’t Forget to Listen

Make sure you listen to your parents’ caregivers. They’re with your parents regularly and may have noticed things that need to change. Your dad may be sneaking candies even though he’s diabetic. He may want to keep eating his favorite candies, but it’s unhealthy so he needs to overcome the temptation.

In-home care services assist your parents as they age at home. Instead of struggling to complete activities of daily living on their own, your parents get the assistance they need with the tasks they can’t do independently. Call our in-home care specialist to discuss the different services that available.

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