What Do You Need to Look for in Terms of Mobility and Your Aging Adult?

Remaining as mobile as possible is a huge factor in your senior’s life. Personal mobility helps her to feel and to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. If she’s having difficulty with mobility, you need to address those issues for her.

Homecare in Madeira OH

Homecare in Madeira OH: Mobility

Whether She’s Able to Walk Easily

Start watching your elderly family member as she walks. Does she wobble? Does her gait seem uneven or stiff? Does she walk differently when she’s outside as opposed to when she’s inside? Noticing all of these details can help you to spot changes in how your senior walks and moves.

If She Needs Assistive Devices, Does She Use Them?

It’s really common for people who need assistive devices like canes and walkers to feel self-conscious about using them, even at home. But the problem is that if your senior needs these devices, they really can’t afford not to be using them. Determine why she’s not using them and make sure that they’re in good working order.

Look for Signs of a Fall

If you live with your senior, you might hear when she falls. But if you don’t, you might have to look for signs of a fall. Injuries are the biggest clue, of course. Look for bruises, scrapes, or muscle stiffness and soreness that often accompany a tumble. You might also want to look for furniture that is moved or dinged.

Assess Safety Concerns

When you notice that there are safety issues in your aging family member’s home, make sure to address them as quickly as possible. If there aren’t handrails throughout the house, for example, start installing some. Check carpeting and other flooring, too, to make sure that you reduce the likelihood of tripping.

Remember that Driving Is Part of Mobility

Mobility isn’t just about walking, though. Your senior may not be driving as often or as well as she has in the past and that can severely impact her life. Other options, such as hiring home care providers to do the driving, can help her to get where she needs to go.

Take the time to have an open, frank talk with your senior about her mobility issues and your concerns. From there you can find answers that remove those issues for her.

Excerpt: If your aging adult’s mobility is compromised, that can mean that she’s open to other issues as well, like injuries. It’s also dangerous for her to be less mobile if she lives alone. Here’s what you can look for when it comes to her mobility.

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