What Exactly is Family Caregiving?

When it comes to caregivers, there are paid professionals or there are family members who help out. Many family caregivers work without being paid. They devote hours of their time to help an aging parent remain in the family home.


Elderly Care in Amberley OH: What is Family Caregiving?

Elderly Care in Amberley OH: What is Family Caregiving?


With family caregiving, you’re providing support to an aging family member.
You might live in the same house, but you could be in another state or country. The goal is to support that family member so that he or she is able to remain at home without fear of injury or harm.


Duties Family Caregivers Provide

You have a better idea than most what your parents need. Your mom may no longer be able to cook. The last time she tried, she forgot something was on the stove and started a fire. Your dad mixed up the brake and accelerator and drove into the back of the garage. In these cases, meal preparation and transportation services help.

Other caregiving duties can include stripping and making a bed. Caregivers will wash and dry clothing and linens. Some even go as far as to iron items for seniors in their care. Your parent may need help in the shower or on the toilet. Caregivers can run errands, provide companionship, and run a vacuum.

If your parent is on one or more medications and always forgets to take the pills on time, family caregivers can help with reminders. Your mom or dad may need help standing up and getting his or her balance after leaving a bed or sofa. Caregivers are there for ambulatory support, too.


Problems You May Encounter

Being a family caregiver is one of the kindest and hardest things you could do for your parents. It’s also something that may lead to problems. One common issue involves hurt feelings. If you’re providing 80 percent of your parent’s care, you might find yourself resenting that sister who is always “too busy” to help.

Your brother told you he feels you’re taking advantage of your parents by not paying rent while you live in their house, you cook, clean, drive them everywhere, help them get showered and dressed, and you’re not paid a dime. You’ll be upset with him.


Some families find the strain of family caregiving can ruin relationships.

Siblings stop talking to each other. Not only can this upset the aging parents, but it can also make it harder if threats of legal action get raised.

One thing family caregivers cannot overlook is the need for respite care. You do need to take time off to de-stress and re-energize. When you do return to your usual duties as a caregiver, you’ll be in a positive mood and ready to go. It will make a difference to your parents. All it takes is a call to an agency to arrange respite care.


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