Does Your Aging Adult Need More Help than She’s Been Getting?

There’s a delicate balance to helping your elderly family member as much as she needs, but not more than she wants. At some point, however, your aging adult may need help whether she’s ready for it or not.


Elder Care in Montgomery OH: Senior Assistance

Elder Care in Montgomery OH: Senior Assistance


Chores Are Piling Up around the House

Those little chores around the house usually don’t take an awful lot of time or energy, but when no one is keeping up with them, it starts to become obvious. When you visit your aging adult and notice that laundry or dirty dishes are starting to pile up, it’s worth taking the time to investigate further. You may not be able to keep up with these chores either, especially if you live elsewhere.


She’s Not Keeping up with Her Mail

Another item that can start to pile up when it’s neglected for even a little bit of time is your senior’s mail. The problem escalates when you consider that her mail can contain bills, appointment notifications, and other important information. If she’s not paying attention to the mail that’s collecting, she could be missing vital bits of mail that can lead to problems later.


She’s Not Getting Around Well

Your senior’s ability to maneuver around her home safely is a key component to helping her remain independent at home. If she can’t get up easily when she’s sitting or lying down, that can mean that she finds herself “stuck” at times. This can be incredibly dangerous, especially if your senior is living alone. Having elderly care providers available when you can’t be there can help significantly.


Her Personal Hygiene Habits Seem to Be Changing

Bathing and other hygiene habits can change very quickly for your aging adult. Some elderly adults find that they’re a little more afraid of bathing when they live alone because something could happen while they’re in the tub. Having a personal alarm system can help with this fear, as can having elderly care providers available to help with personal care tasks.


She Makes Some Hints

Your aging adult may not ever come right out and request help from you or from other family members, but she may drop some hints now and again. If you’re not paying close attention, it can be easy to miss these hints. Watch for conversational openings that allow you to open this conversation with your aging adult.

Your aging adult can still maintain her independence while accepting help from you and other people, but you have to be able to provide the right help for her.


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